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Vietnam Feedback

"I'm really enjoying the work with the children, it is more rewarding that I expected and they are all so sweet and friendly."


"I still greatly miss the children. I was also touched by the way the staff really valued and were grateful of our presence."


"What affected me the most was probably the vulnerability of these children, and how affected they really are from being orphans. I think I felt amazed at how we as humans rely on family and family life to nurture us and also shape us as who we are."


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Volunteer in Vietnam

The Global Volunteer Network currently has volunteer opportunities available through our partner organization in Vietnam. Based in the central region of Vietnam, volunteers will be surrounded by lush green rice paddies, rich traditional culture, beautiful beaches, and delicious Vietnamese food. Volunteers are greatly needed to help teach English to adults as well as children. They will also be involved in caring for and playing with the gorgeous children in the orphanages our partner works in.

The Programs

There are two different programs to choose from:

Orphanage: Work with Children in Orphanages, Daycares or rehabilitation centres.
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Teaching: Teach at a University, High school or an industrial College.
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Program Schedule

Volunteers are required to arrive in Da Nang at the beginning of the month in which they are volunteering to participate in the training and orientation program. In 2009, the Tet holiday runs from the 25th of January and will affect placements to some extent for 10-15 days.

Program Cost

A US$350 application fee (fully refundable if you decide not to go) will secure your place on the program, with your program fee due for payment eight weeks before you begin your placement. You only pay your application fee once and then you can access any of GVN's volunteer programs over the next 5 years.

Your application fee includes the following benefits:

Once your application fee is paid the remainder of the cost for your time in the Vietnam program is:

  • Cost for 1 month - US $997
  • Cost for 2 months - US $1637
  • Cost for 3 months - US $2287
  • Cost for 4 months - US $2907
  • Cost for 5 months - US $3637
To see the cost in your local currency, we recommend you .

The in-country fee covers administrative charge, placement arrangement, accommodation, food, transportation for volunteers, and supervision.

The other costs you will need to meet are your flights (international and a domestic flight to Da Nang), visa, shots, travel insurance, and corresponding airport departure taxes. There may also be minor travel and accommodation expenses at the beginning and end of your program.

Your program fee includes the following benefits:

Apply for the Vietnam Program

Your application process is free and seamless and if you are successful we will provide you with a choice of application fee payment options that include a secure online service. We also are one of the few organizations that offer a full money back guarantee on your application fee if you decide not to go.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together the following page, which answers the majority of questions people have.
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Volunteer Articles

Read an article written about one of our volunteers in Vietnam.
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Volunteer Journals

If you would like to read about the experiences of some of our volunteers who are currently in Vietnam, you can do so here. This journal service is provided free to all our volunteers.
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Application Process

All applicants will be notified by email as to whether their application has been successful.

(1) Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application form below. Upon receipt of the form we will assess your suitability for the program within two working days.

(2) Contact You: If you are successful we will then email you a letter of acceptance.

(3) Decision Point: Once you have read through the letter of acceptance and we have answered any questions or concerns that you might have, it is time to pay your US $350 application fee to secure your place on the program. Please note that we will fully refund your application fee if you decide not to go.

(4) Confirmation: Once the application fee is paid, we will contact you to ensure everything is organized. We will also send you the link to our program guide which covers topics such as country information, travel links, visa application process, fundraising ideas and much more!

(5) Communication & Support: Throughout the application process, we are committed to working with you to answer any of your questions or concerns. During your placement we are also available as a form of support to you as a volunteer and will email you while in country to discuss how the program is going.

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Volunteers have the chance to teach English, care for and play with children in placements around central Vietnam.  > Read More