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People volunteer for different reasons. Some volunteer to give back to the community, while some do it to learn and develop new skills, or gain experience and knowledge.

What most people don’t know is that volunteering does not just benefit the people in need, but also the volunteers. Volunteering can help reduce stress, fight depression, and provide a sense of purpose. 

Here in NZ, there are several non-profit community groups that can  use a helping hand. Whether you want to make a difference in the lives of others or help the environment or help others find their voice and their ground, there’s sure to be a perfect organisation for you. Below is a list of NZ’s top volunteer organisations. 

New Zealand's Top Volunteer Organisations​

Website: www.ihc.org.nz

Looking to help people with mental disablities? Volunteer at IHC. IHC is NZ’s largest provider of services to people with intellectual disabilities. 

Website: www.englishlanguage.org.nz

English Language Partners New Zealand aims to provide effective English Language Programmes to refugees and migrants, enabling effective settlement. 

Website: www.westaucklandparents.org.nz

West Auckland Parents Centre is entirely run by volunteers. They aim to provide childbirth education, parent education, and parent support. 

Website: www.radiolollipop.org

Radio Lollipop volunteers provide care and comfort to sick children in hospitals. They give young patients a voice and a choice during their stay.

Website: www.gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz

The Gisborne Volunteer Centre is an independent non-profit organisation operating to promote and support all volunteering. 

Website: www.hospice.co.nz

Totara Hospice provides free multi-disciplinary, specialist holistic palliative care services. They provide free care to those eligible.

Website: www.volunteeringwaikato.org.nz

Volunteering Waikato ensures community groups get the volunteers they need. They match volunteers with organisations where they will have the biggest impact, the most fun, and the most sense of contribution.

Website: www.volunteeringauckland.org.nz

Volunteering Auckland is dedicated to leading positive change in the community through supporting and promoting volunteering. 

Website: www.vsa.org.nz

VSA sends skilled New Zealanders abroad to share their skill and knowledge directly with the locals. 

Website: www.conservationvolunteers.co.nz

Conservation Volunteers have conservation projects all throughout NZ and Australia. 

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